I would like to extend sincere gratitude for the following collaborators and mentors:

  •  Buzz Durham of Camp Grier – Global Village for the initial suggestion to “write down what I do to prepare my students for intercultural service” and the countless meetings to exchange ideas, read drafts, and encourage the existence of an audience.
  •  Justin Levy and the rest of Conscious Alliance for advocating for the project, piloting the material in a day-long retreat, and for an ongoing collaboration that continues to inspire and strengthen our intercultural work.
  • Brooke Millsaps, Assistant Dean of Service Learning at Warren Wilson College, for inspiring and supporting a deeper approach to service learning practice and scholarship.
  •  Rob Pyatt and other NASHI members for supporting the project and piloting the material in a three-day workshop series.
  •  Betty Doll for braving through early drafts and offering solutions to organize the mess.
  •  Amy Dexter for writing a letter to support this project and ongoing collaboration.
  •  Melissa Nix and Dr. Barbara Rogoff for mentoring me in service learning and sociocultural psychology respectively.
  • Gerrica Watson and family for their important contribution
  •  Brad Burleson for supporting the work and passion for these topics, and for designing and building this website.
  • And to the many hosts, participants, and students who’ve made it clear to me that intercultural service can be a transformational experience worth facilitating.