What is service learning?

A service group from Warren Wilson College

Service learning is a teaching technique that enhances student learning and simultaneously builds stronger communities by connecting classroom learning with related and meaningful community engagement. A typical scenario is a course with content that affirms and supports the work of a non-profit; the students learn in the classroom and in community with a non-profit agency while also fulfilling a direct need for the non-profit. For example, students in a child development course may tutor local school children. The classroom learning strengthens the tutoring and the tutoring motivates and enlightens the classroom learning.  Click here to learn more about service learning in higher education.

What is intercultural service-learning?

Intercultural service learning is service learning that intentionally crosses a cultural boundary (not necessarily an international boundary), and integrates cultural learning of self and others. Learn more at globalsl.org

What is Sociocultural Psychology?

IMG_6517Sociocultural psychology is a perspective within the discipline of psychology that is founded on the idea that all people develop through participation in cultural practices. To the extent that cultures embrace different values and assumptions about human life, people’s minds, behaviors, and emotions will differ. The ideology seeks to respect diversity by recognizing how cultural differences come to exist and serve humanity. Stemming from Vygotsky and related to anthropology, the typical sociocultural psychologist employs more descriptive methodologies.

What is intercultural service?

I chose to use the term “intercultural service” for this guidebook because the lessons transcend beyond the college classroom; intercultural service is broader than intercultural service learning and includes experiences that are not necessarily connected to an academic course. Mission trips and voluntourism are common forms of Intercultural service that I seek to include.